Our Vision

Education, outreach, togetherness.


Barlow Clay (affiliated with Clay By The Bay) will be opening for classes on January 7th of 2019.  The campus will house an educational facility for community classes and outreach.  We will also be offering workshops.

In our Resident Building we will offer artists, both emerging and established, a place to work.  Our 6-12 person 1-2 year long-term residency program will allow for a nurturing environment for emerging artists to grow and focus on their skills, concepts, and relationships with one another locally and within the clay community. 

Long-term residents are an integral part of Barlow Clay. They work about 16-20 hours per week making glaze, clay, gallery sitting, working on building projects, and so much more. In return for these tasks they are offered free housing, free firings, material discounts, selling opportunities, etc.

Our gallery will be comprised of resident artist work, functional and sculptural, for viewing and purchasing. The gallery will also showcase a handful of work for each upcoming workshop artist.

Residencies will begin in June of 2019 and classes begin January 7th of 2019.

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Didem Mert
Operations & Resident Director

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