Barlow Clay is located in The Barlow of Sebastopol, CA. We currently run our operations from three buildings: school/educational building, residency and residents’/workshop presenters’ gallery, and manufacturing.

Our state of the art equipment will include, but is not limited to…

  • over 5 Skutt kilns, including small test kilns to large oval kilns

  • 30+ Brent CXV wheels

  • slab rollers

  • two Brent extruders

  • wood-fired train kiln

  • gas fired soda kiln

  • full in-stock glaze and clay making materials and mixing/formulating facilities

  • plaster area

  • spray booth

  • photo booth

  • etc.

For scheduled tours of our facilities please visit the link here →

*Upon completion of your scheduled group tour at Barlow Clay you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off purchased work in our gallery. This discount is not taken from the artists’ cut, but rather from Barlow Clay’s.