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We are currently take rolling applications for residency opportunities (start date TBD in 2020) and applications for internships (beginning in May/June of 2019). If interested please read through all submission materials needed before beginning and submit all of the info below. Thank you!


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Are you applying for an internship (beginning May/June of 2019) or a residency (TBD in 2020)?
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Current address/where you'd be moving from
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(we offer 1 year residencies with the option of 2 years) ***STARTING DATE CAN ONLY BE AS SOON AS MAY/JUNE 2019 FOR INTERNSHIPS AND 2020 FOR RESIDENCIES.
In order to complete your application you MUST add at least 20 images (JPGS at 10"x10" and 300 DPI) to a Google Drive Folder and share the link for our selection committee to review the application. Before uploading the images make sure each file/image is titled as "FIRST AND LAST NAME_Title of the piece(s)_year completed_materials used_building method_firing method_dimensions in inches." For example: "DIDEM MERT_Bling Sunrise Muggy_2016_mid-range stoneware, terra sigs., AMACO underglazes, slips, washes, glazes, lustre, handbuilt using slabs and pinch_fired to cone 5 OX. and cone 018 OX._4.5"x3.5"x3.5"" If you need more detailed instructions creating a Google Drive Folder please visit the link. Make sure to follow the instructions under "Drag files into Google Drive":
Your artist statement must ONLY be sumitted as a Google Doc or PDF within the same Google Drive as your images. The file should be labeled as: "FIRST AND LAST NAME_Statement_year submitted"
Your CV must ONLY be submitted as a Google Doc or PDF within the same Google Drive Folder as your images and artist statement. The file should be labeled as: "FIRST AND LAST NAME_CV_year submitted"
Please answer the following questions in your letter of intent: why are you currently searching for an internship/residency, what projects/shifts/changes in your work will you be exploring as an intern/resident, why Barlow Clay? Your letter of intent must ONLY be submitted as a Google Doc or PDF within the same Google Drive Folder as your images, artist statement, and CV. The file should be labeled as: "FIRST AND LAST NAME_Letter of intent_year submitted"
Have you shared your Google Drive Folder with us to review your application? *
Please share the folder with:
Three references including: Name, affiliation/company, position, phone number, email. Ex: Didem Mert, Operations/Resident Director of Barlow Clay, 999-999-9999,
Do you understand that as an intern/resident of Barlow Clay you will be required to work 16 hours a week in exchange for your housing, studio space, discounted materials, etc.? Do you also understand that you will need to pay a $200 deposit on your studio space (residency only)? *